Stencil Designs and for Art & Decor

Wall stencil designs
Our range of stencil patterns are well designed, beautiful and simple to use. All of our designs are precision cut by laser and made from durable, polyester film. They have good flexibility, transparency and are solvent proof. With a little care, they will last for many hundreds if not thousands of impressions. ...... Stencils
"Quality products with the benefit of clearly written, pictorial and visual information, that not only guides you, but inspires your creativity. The support available is well focused on the user, and the technical content is concise."
Tim Brooks
Painting and Decorating
Bradford College UK

Printable Stencils & Projects

Transform plain walls into awesome features. Our collection of printable stencil project ebooks in PDF format, are designed to be useful stencil resources for artists, fabric painters and decorators .

The stencil patterns and designs within our PDF ebooks can be used for airbrushing, embroidery patterns, t shirt printing, wall decorating and furniture embellishment. ....Printable Stencil Projects

Stenciling Tutorials, Articles & Resources

Stencil tutorials and advice and ideas to help you with choosing the appropriate paints, tools and other relevant equipment for your painting projects and stencil art work...Stencil Tutorials
Learn all about stencil films What they are and where to get them ...
Stencil films
A basic run down of the
tools & equipment used for
most stenciling work.
Stenciling equipment
Online Stenciling projects.
Stencil projects
A video set that walks you
through basic stencil
Stencil cutting
An essential list of basic
stencil cutting tools .
Stencil cutting tools
Paints used for stenciling
Stencil paints

Stencil Art ideas & Inspiration

This section is visual journal and personal scratch-pad of stencil art designs It is an on-going work in progress. It contains designs both existent and those still in development. ...Stencil Art Idea s....Stencil Art Designs
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